About us


We are a support group giving emotional and practical support to children and their families who live with type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is an incurable auto immune condition where the bodies  immune system attacks and kills off the cells within the pancreas that produce the hormone insulin. Therefore without treatment the person will become extremely unwell, causing the blood supply to become acidic and can then cause a life threatening condition called DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis), Most people will be diagnosed after being admitted into hospital following weeks of feeling unwell before the body goes into DKA.

Once the person is diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes a strict regime of multiple daily injections must be started to inject the hormone “insulin” into the body and many many daily blood tests both day and night must be taken to ensure the blood glucose is between 4mmls and 8mmls,However as we eat, walk, swim, think, talk, play, laugh, sleep, our blood glucose changes and for a non-diabetic our bodies cope with all the changes but for someone with T1 this is completely uncontrollable.

Having to cope with a very unpredictable condition can be extremely hard for the parents to cope with.

Up until now, other than social media, there has been little or no support for parents of or the person with diabetes. We were asked to form a support network group for young people with type 1 diabetes in Medway and Swale by both Medway hospital and DUK (diabetes uk).

A group has successfully been made and a proven need has been established through hospital contact, social media and public meetings.

Please keep an eye on this page and on our Facebook page for upcoming events.